Presentation Apple

Present yourself here, as long as you like the server !

Presentation Apple

Messagepar Apple » Mer 6 Mai 2015 19:14

Bonjour / Hello / Zdravo !

Je m'apple ( 8-) ) Jaša! In game im known as "Apple". I come from Slovenia and i f*cking love gaming! I speak English almost fluently and i basically understand everything. I also speak/understand German, but not French, except Bonjour, Merci, Je m'appelle & Vi...

I started playing ARMA 3 last year, when my former clan friends introduced me to it... I fell in love with it in a second.
I started with Co-op mostly: Invade & Annex, awesome tactical teamplay against BOTS. Than i switched to Wasteland, where i always wanted to make a big damn base for everyone to fell safe in there! I mostly played in Independent so i could shoot everyone, but than i switched to BLUFOR because they have better looking clothes ;)

I'm a very good Heli pilot and fairly good jet pilot... I'm a good sniper, but a much better DMR user. My gamestyle is mostly STEALTHY, AMBUSH-y, i sneak behind enemy lines all the time... I also plan my every move ahead with logical thinking which would make me #1 but with my fps it makes me #100. :cry:

I found this server randomly and i liked it immediately because of the social player and good performance for my crap computer which has 4 GB ram and Intel Core 2 Duo CPU. Max FPS: 25, average: 18... Still i play even with this fps, because its simply the best game ever.

I like to play tactical (+TS) in arma 3 but sometimes i do weird stuff :| ... Currently my microphone is broken, i stepped on it and i ordered a new one!

Heres a medium long presentation bout' me and my gamestyleplaywhatever.

- Apple

P.S. : Give me an award for the longest presentation on the forum.
"Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men. It is the spirit of men who follow and of the man who leads that gains the victory."

- George S. Patton
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Re: Presentation Apple

Messagepar Hancock » Mer 6 Mai 2015 19:18

Welcome Apple, you know that I EAT a lot of Apples ? ;)

Deal with your mic tho' !
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Re: Presentation Apple

Messagepar Magik BZH » Dim 10 Mai 2015 16:19

Welcome Apple and stop cheat please ! :D <3
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Re: Presentation Apple

Messagepar f0uiz » Dim 10 Mai 2015 23:48

Welcome on French Team Gaming Apple ;)
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