requesting unban

requesting unban

Messagepar ajaymalik » Jeu 8 Juin 2017 20:43

Hello sir, I am Ajay Malik from India and I want to tell you that i used to play Arma 3 on your altis wasteland server. about 7 months ago i got banned form your server due to some added mods in my arma game. I also shared the reason in a post and requested for an unban. this is the link to the post:- .
My request was accepted by admins and i was promised for unban but unfortunately i was never unbanned. I left playing arma 3 because i only like to play on your wasteland server on which i was banned. So I downloaded this game yesterday and found out that I am still banned which really made me upset. Sir, I please urge you to kindly unban me from altis wasteland server as i really respect the game and frenchteamgaming communty. I never support any kind of Hacking or cheating and always promote fair gaming ethics.Thank you.
My user name is Ajay Malik.
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